Ziarah Harmoni is an independent muslim division of Malaysian Harmony Tour & Travel - CLOSE

About Us

Malaysia Harmony is a Kuala Lumpur based travel agency that has been operating since the 17th April 1984. During its 32 years of operation, the company has won several tourism awards from international airline companies such as:

Etihad Airways
Top Ten Agent Year 2011 - 2015 2.

Top 10 Agent Awards 2009 – 2015 3.

Qatar Airways
Top 20 Agent Awards 2010 – 2015 4.

Luthansa German
Supporting Agent Award 2011-2012
Appreciations Awards 2013
Top 10 Agent Awards 2015

Air Astana
Top Agent Awards 2015 6.

China Eastern Airlines
Top Ten Agent award 2009-2015

Malaysia Harmony also has been awarded several titles from some international tourism bodies:
Japan “ Annual highest Records Visiterd to Japan 2014/2015 “ daripada Japan Tourism dan Embassy of Japan.”
Appreciations awards of korea Tourism Awards setiap tahun bermula dari 2007,Taiwan Tourism Contributions awards year 2006 – 2014.

On top of that, it has also won awards from global distribution system company, ABACUS : 1. ABACUS Top Booking Performance Awards setiap tahun bermula dari 2006 – 2015.

Based on those awards and well-earned credibility, which is the main component of quality tourism packages, we have agreed to cooperate with Malaysia Harmony to set up a special segment that acts as a new entity within the company. This segment is dedicated to providing Muslim-based travel packages which focused on Islamic features such as halal food preparation or "Muslim friendly " and also tour programs that allocate time for daily prayers. This segment will be located under one umbrella brand called ZiarahHarmoni. All tours organized by ZiarahHarmoni will be headed by tour leaders who are not only qualified, but also have specific experience in handling Muslim tour packages. These tour leaders will be responsible for ensuring that all the complexity that occurred during the visit can be overcome seamlessly. In addition, tour programs will be tailored with muslim customers in mind at all time. Each tour will cover destinations which are relevant to muslim visitors and Islamic history. Last but not least, ZiarahHarmoni will ensure that all muslim tours under its brand will be priced competitively. Our goal is to provide high quality holidays yet afforable to muslim market in Malaysia. Everything mentioned above is an assurance that customers can enjoy a muslim-based vacations from a trusted company with prestige and also is highly acclaimed in travel industry.

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